AGEAS Ageas publishes its 2017 reports

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06/04/2018 08:15

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Ageas has today released a set of 2017 reports consisting of three separate publications:

  • the Annual Report 2017 including the Report of the Board of Directors, the Ageas Consolidated Financial Statements and the Summarised ageas SA/NV Company Financial Statements;

  • the Business Report 2017 providing an overview of Ageas`s businesses around the world, a snapshot of its accomplishments in 2017, alongside its future ambitions.

  • the 2017 Statutory Accounts of ageas SA/NV

These publications are accessible through the Ageas website on a section dedicated to the 2017 performance:

The 2017 annual results were published on 21 February 2018. Publication of the first quarter 2018 results is scheduled for 16 May 2018.

Ageas is a listed international insurance Group with a heritage spanning 190 years. It offers Retail and Business customers Life and Non-Life insurance products designed to suit their specific needs, today and tomorrow. As one of Europe`s larger insurance companies, Ageas concentrates its activities in Europe and Asia, which together make up the major part of the global insurance market. It operates successful insurance businesses in Belgium, the UK, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Turkey, China, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, and the Philippines through a combination of wholly owned subsidiaries and long term partnerships with strong financial institutions and key distributors. Ageas ranks among the market leaders in the countries in which it operates. It represents a staff force of over 50,000 people and reported annual inflows close to EUR 34 billion in 2017 (all figures at 100%).