CAMPINE (EBR:CAMB) Transparancy notification

Transparency directive : regulatory news

12/04/2017 17:01

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Campine NV has received transparency notifications signed on 31 March 2017 indicating that the shareholder of Camhold NV, a holder of 36% of Campine NV has changed.

Mr. André Hempel held 100% of the shares of Camhold NV and by virtue of the acquisition of the shares in Camhold NV by Hempel Special Metals Holding GmbH, the latter will indirectly hold the 36% of the voting rights in Campine NV.  Hempel Special Metals Holding GmbH is controlled by F.W. Hempel & Co. Erze & Metalle (GmbH & Co) KG who is also shareholder of F.W. Hempel Intermétaux SA which already held 35,86% of the voting rights of Campine NV prior to this transaction.

Campine NV received another notification signed on 11 April 2017 indicating that the shareholder F.W. Hempel Intermétaux SA, holder of 35,86% of shares in Campine NV has transferred its shareholding to F.W. Hempel Metallurgical GmbH, its direct parent company.

Therefore the ultimate controlling shareholder, Mr. Friedrich Wilhelm Hempel has crossed the threshold of 70% of the voting rights in Campine NV.