CAMPINE (EBR:CAMB) Campine: New CEO for Campine

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23/08/2017 12:50

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Campine NV`s Board of Directors appointed Willem De Vos, an independent member of Campine`s Board of Directors since May 2015, as Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. De Vos succeeds Mr Geert Krekel who has in mutual understanding with the Board stepped down as of 23/08/2017 as Campine`s CEO and Director.

Mr. De Vos has spent his career overseeing and executing the transformation, growth and development of organizations across diverse industry sectors.  He brings to Campine deep operating and leadership experience, financial management knowledge and a global business perspective.

The severance pay for Mr Krekel amounts to 359 KEUR for the fixed part and can amount to maximum 300 KEUR for the variable part.
The Board thanks Mr Krekel for his many contributions to the development of Campine during his tenure as CEO and wishes him good luck and health with his future endeavors.