TESSI (EPA:TES) Tessi announces the acquisition of Dhimyotis, a major player in cyber security

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In view of the recent wave of cyber-attacks, Tessi is enhancing its value chain with the acquisition of cyber security expertise.

Tessi today announces the acquisition of a 100% interest in Dhimyotis, a trusted third party specialising in cyber security. Dhimyotis publishes authentication, cryptography, encryption, SSL, electronic signature and timestamping solutions.

As confirmed by its certifications and customer base, Dhimyotis stands out as the most trusted French service provider:

  • Dhimyotis is the first French trusted service provider to have obtained certification in European ETSI standards relating to authentication and electronic signatures.
  • Under its “Certigna” offering, Dhimyotis is both “Certification Operator” and “Certifying Authority”. It markets certified digital certificates and manages its customers' certifying authorities.
  • All certificates issued by Dhimyotis are considered “Qualified” within the meaning of the European eIDAS Regulation, by which the company has been certified, in addition to RGS (General Repository for IT Security) qualification and ETSI certification.
  • Dhimyotis is also ISO/IEC 27001-certified for all of its solutions, services and business lines.

Dhimyotis also offers a “2D-ORIGIN” solution, enabling verification of the origin and integrity of documents such as invoices, payslips, insurance certificates, bank account details, diplomas and business cards.

In 2016, Dhimyotis posted turnover of close to €1 million and EBITDA nearing break-even. In a high-potential cyber security market, Dhimyotis is rapidly expanding and is vying for a spot as a major French and European player in cyber security and digital trust.

This new acquisition strengthens Tessi's offering and bears witness to the Group's commitment to guaranteeing rigorous and virtuous management of the security of its services, for all of its customers.

About Tessi:

- Tessi is the No. 1 document processing specialist in France

- Listed on Euronext Paris Compartment B - ISIN code – FR0004529147 – Ticker: TES

- Head office in Grenoble, France (38)

- Founded in 1971 and acquired by Pixel Holding on 12 January 2017

- French No. 1 in cheque receipt and processing

- French No. 1 in foreign exchange and gold trading

- French No. 1 in managing deferred promotional operations

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