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Volta Finance Limited (VTA) - Dividend Declaration

Guernsey, 17 May 2018

Volta Finance Limited (the "Company") announces that it has declared a quarterly interim dividend of EUR0.16 per share payable in June 2018, amounting to EUR5.9 million. The ex-dividend date is 7 June 2018 with a record date of 8 June 2018 and a payment date of 28 June 2018.

The Company has arranged for its shareholders to be able to elect to receive their dividends in either Euros or Pounds Sterling. Shareholders will, by default, receive their dividends in Euros, unless they have instructed the Company`s Registrar, Computershare Investor Services (Guernsey) Limited ("Computershare"), to pay dividends in Pounds Sterling. Such instructions may be given to Computershare either electronically via CREST or by using the Currency Election Form which will be posted to shareholders and a copy of which is also available on the website within the "Investors - Other Documents" section. The deadline for receipt of currency elections is 12:00 (midday) on 11 June 2018.

As previously announced, the Company targets the payment of stable annual dividends payable on a quarterly basis, which it expects to pay towards the end of each March, June, September and December.

For further information, please contact:

Company Secretary and Portfolio Administrator
Sanne Group (Guernsey) Limited
+44 (0) 1481 739810

Corporate Broker
Cenkos Securities plc
Sapna Shah
Francesc Garcia Uriel
+44 (0) 20 7397 8900

For the Investment Manager
AXA Investment Managers Paris
Serge Demay
+33 (0) 1 44 45 84 47

Legal Entity Identification code (LEI): 2138004N6QDNAZ2V3W80
Volta Finance Limited is incorporated in Guernsey under The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 (as amended) and listed on Euronext Amsterdam and the London Stock Exchange`s Main Market for listed securities. Volta`s home member state for the purposes of the EU Transparency Directive is the Netherlands. As such, Volta is subject to regulation and supervision by the AFM, being the regulator for financial markets in the Netherlands.

Volta`s investment objectives are to preserve capital across the credit cycle and to provide a stable stream of income to its shareholders through dividends. Volta seeks to attain its investment objectives predominantly through diversified investments in structured finance assets. The assets that the Company may invest in either directly or indirectly include, but are not limited to: corporate credits; sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt; residential mortgage loans; and, automobile loans. The Company`s approach to investment is through vehicles and arrangements that essentially provide leveraged exposure to portfolios of such underlying assets. The Company has appointed AXA Investment Managers Paris an investment management company with a division specialised in structured credit, for the investment management of all its assets.

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) is a multi-expert asset management company within the AXA Group, a global leader in financial protection and wealth management. AXA IM is one of the largest European-based asset managers with EUR717 billion in assets under management as of the end of December 2016. AXA IM employs approximately 2,420 people around the world.

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