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Appier optimizes retargeting in hypercasual games with TapNation

Appier, a specialist in artificial intelligence applied to businesses, has announced a successful partnership with TapNation, a renowned publisher of mobile games. This partnership aims to optimize the acquisition of new users for the game Thief Puzzle, a hypercasual game. Using Appier's CrossX retargeting solution, TapNation achieved a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 130%.

TapNation, ranked among the fastest growing companies in Europe, used Appier's technology to overcome iOS privacy restrictions. By targeting high-value (LTV) users, they optimized key metrics like cost per click (CPC) and conversion rate (CVR). This method made it possible to stabilize and maintain a high ROAS.

“Appier has become our third largest means of acquiring new users on iOS,” said Jatin Mittal, head of user acquisition at TapNation. The success of this initiative highlights the effectiveness of AI-based retargeting solutions offered by Appier in the mobile gaming sector.

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