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Biotricity Launches Cardiac Monitoring Pilot Program Across 60 Sites

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Biotricity Inc. (Nasdaq:BTCY), a Technology-as-a-Service company in the remote cardiac monitoring sector, announced a pilot program with a prominent hospital group. This initiative spans 60 sites across multiple states, aiming to enhance cardiac care.

The program will utilize Biotricity's unique three-channel connected cardiac monitoring solution. This technology aims to provide superior diagnostics, reduce patient risk, and enhance workflow efficiency, leading to improved clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs. It also promises to increase revenue for providers significantly.

Founder and CEO Dr. Waqaas Al-Siddiq stated that the pilot program would accelerate the adoption of their products. This opportunity allows Biotricity to demonstrate its technology's effectiveness in diverse healthcare settings.

Through collaboration with healthcare professionals, the program aims to enhance patient interaction protocols and optimize data collection processes. This initiative builds on previous programs to showcase the transformative potential of Biotricity's technology in improving cardiac care.

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