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Dura Oxlo and Ford Partner on ESPS Automation Project

DETROIT, MI / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2024 / Dura Oxlo, LLC., a leading provider of technology solutions for the automotive industry, has announced a new project to automate product development and plan management for Ford Protect Extended Service Business (ESB). This initiative marks a significant step towards efficiency and accuracy, facilitating the growth of Ford Protect.

Dura Oxlo will address the need to enhance efficiency and quality in Ford’s ESPS system plan updates, which have been labor-intensive with limited automation. The new system will automate the creation of vehicle model plan pricing data sheets, cutting down the time and resources needed for current processes.

The project will introduce several key improvements, including automation of current year plans import into a central database, automated generation of model year pricing templates, programmatically handled updates from current model year ranges, and a robust reporting and tracking platform for business process workflows.

Henry Tran, CEO of Dura Oxlo, stated, "Our goal is to revolutionize automotive service plan management, making it faster, more accurate, and efficient. This project sets a new industry standard." Steven Balder, ESB Global Launch Business Development Manager at Ford, added, "Dura Oxlo’s platform customization will result in operational efficiencies and enhanced process management."

Dura Oxlo aims to enhance the platform further with advanced reporting and a comprehensive business process workflow interface that integrates with existing project management tools. For more information, contact

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