ENERTIME requests its placement in receivership

Stock price chart of ENERTIME (EPA:ALENE) showing fluctuations.

ENERTIME, a French company specializing in industrial energy efficiency and the production of renewable energy, announces its placement under the protection of the Commercial Court. By a judgment of July 10, 2024, the Nanterre Commercial Court opened the judicial recovery procedure.

This decision aims to perpetuate the company's activity and maintain jobs. It also includes the search for new investors or financial partners. SELARL FHBX, represented by Maître Gaël Couturier, was appointed as receiver.

The procedure is linked to the failure of negotiations with an investment fund for the buyout and recapitalization of the company before the end of 2024. ENERTIME faces significant additional costs and project delays, aggravated by an uncertain political situation In France.

The suspension of the trading of ENERTIME shares, effective since July 2, 2024, remains maintained. The company informs that it will regularly keep the market informed of developments in the situation.

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