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GFT AI Impact 1.0: Time Savings of Up to 90% in Software Development

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GFT Technologies has launched AI Impact 1.0, promising significant time savings in software development life cycles. In pilot projects with tier-1 banks in Latin America, the AI solution has shown marked efficiency improvements, including an 85% faster documentation generation and a 65% reduction in bug fixing time.

The AI suite accelerates various development stages such as story creation, vulnerability detection, and code review, reducing times by up to 90%. This launch follows a successful Beta version release in November 2023.

Currently, AI Impact is being piloted in Brazil across sectors including telecommunications, retail, health, and finance. "Generative AI is transforming software creation," said GFT Co-CEO Marco Santos.

AI Impact 1.0 comprises seven tools covering key development steps. Integrated into the GFT AI.DA Marketplace, it aims to speed up digital transformation through a combination of predictive and generative AI technologies and data analytics.

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