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Stankevicius MGM: Anna Stukkert's Davos Conference

A significant joint press conference took place in Davos, presenting spiritual leaders Master Imram and Ambassador Ngurah Swajaya, with Anna Stukkert. The event focused on the development of spirituality in globalization, highlighting a universal spiritual culture beyond national and geopolitical borders.

Master Imram, a Kriya Yoga Master, discussed thought and intention's powers. His teachings have reached thousands through global seminars and online meditations. Ambassador Ngurah Swajaya emphasized Indonesia's religious diversity and harmony, showcasing it as a model for religious tolerance.

The conference was organized by Anna Stukkert, President of the International Investment Congress Awards. Under her leadership, the event united thought leaders to explore spirituality and globalization.

Supporting speakers included Diana Gurska, a key co-organizer and interpreter for Master Imram, and Regina Kulikova, a former top tennis player who shared her healing journey with Kriya Yoga. Both highlighted their personal and professional contributions to the Imram Kriya Project.

The Imram Kriya Project continues to build a global community, with significant participation in countries like Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. The project saw over 750 attendees in various cities in 2023-2024.

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