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Viromed Medical AG Seeks Special Approval for Cold Plasma Device for VAP Prevention

Viromed Medical AG has announced a new study aimed at obtaining special approval for its cold plasma device, PulmoPlas, to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP). This move aims to extend the antimicrobial benefits of cold plasma, traditionally used in wound treatment, to a crucial area in respiratory care.

VAP is a serious complication in ventilated patients, affecting 23-36% and carrying a mortality rate of 10-13%. With over 486,000 cases in Germany alone in 2023, the potential for cold plasma technology to save lives is significant. Viromed's research is spearheaded by Hannover Medical School and two other renowned institutes.

Relyon plasma GmbH, a subsidiary of TDK Electronics AG, is collaborating with Viromed to develop and standardize the cold plasma technology. Initial studies indicate no harmful effects on airway epithelium, paving the way for broader application and regulatory approval by 2025 in Germany and the USA.

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